Male pattern hair loss

The majority of men are going to decrease the amount of hair in any way before the head and the top of the head with age. Therefore, it is to be a normal physiological phenomenon, not treated as a disease. However, not only to the part of the frontal or parietal, in some cases eventually spread hair loss on the entire head.

Age that male pattern baldness starts is a vary by person, but appear to men of ordinary 30s too, and sometimes starting with the mid-teens. Male pattern baldness that begins in up to 20 generations may be distinguished as a juvenile alopecia. In addition, women have also been an increasing number of people who develop male pattern baldness in recent years. Male pattern baldness of women in which a wide range becomes thinner in the center of the top of the head, thin becomes how the typical male pattern baldness is different, but the mechanism is the same thing.

In the men with a genetic predisposition, under the influence of elevated androgen after puberty, weakening the hair follicle that wrapped the hair matrix cells that make the hair, the hair gradually thins, such as downy hair (lanugo) hair only will not remain. Than that male hormone levels of the patient is normal, androgen sensitivity of the hair follicle itself is to determine this disease, in particular, and quantitative differences in the 5α- reductase type U in the dermal papilla cells, androgen receptor of the same cell idea that is defined by the quality and quantity of became common. But responsible gene is to not yet been found, not known also factor to convert the terminal hair to vellus hair.

In Japan, young bald there is a tendency to be despised for a long time. In particular, in recent years it has shed actively television commercials wig industry and hair tonic industry, young men often juvenile alopecia cause serious trouble.

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