Alopecia-related in the prime of life

■ Concept of alopecia-related in the prime of life
By the change that the hard hair of the calvarial ... maegashira part switches to a pubis under the influence of the male hormone, I am called male pattern baldness, the young baldness. Unlike senile hair loss, the feature of the hair follicle is that it does not decrease. The disease is not considered to be the disease that is a physiological change (personality of the skin).

■ Frequency of alopecia-related in the prime of life
There are not the inspected statistics, but it is generally thought medically with around 30%.

■ Etiology, onset mechanism of alopecia-related in the prime of life
In the men with a hereditary factor, the above-mentioned hair follicle makes it a miniature under the androgenic influence that rose after the puberty, and hard hair makes it a pubis. A thought that it was prescribed with quality and the quantity of the androgen receptor of a quantitative difference of the 5α-reductase type II in androgenic sensitivity of hair follicle in itself particularly the hair nipple cell and the cell that I decided the disease than the quantity of male hormone of the patient being normal was commonly used. However, the responsibility gene is not yet found and does not understand the factor transferring hard hair to a pubis.

■ Clinical manifestations of alopecia-related in the prime of life
Expansion of the sum and calvarial Usuge show a lot of becoming it early. The hair follicle becomes a miniature more and more, and pubises increase afterwards. I shorten it more and more for the period of growth, and the hair follicles which do not shift for a period of growth from a resting stage finally increase, and the number of the hairs decreases, too. When senile falling-out hair is piled up, I may suffer from all head hair loss. A light symptom may develop in the women, but onset time is delayed to a man for ten years, and it features the frontal hairline to stay. When I see a similar change to a young woman, I doubt ovarian function imperfection.

■ Treatment policy of alopecia-related in the prime of life
Many cures are devised, but there is not yet the medical therapy that I can be satisfied with.

■ Cure for alopecia-related in the prime of life
[1] Whole body therapy
Antimale hormone drug (Propecia, model 5 α - reductase repressor) internal use was accepted in the United States, but is unauthorized in our country.
[2] Local therapy
I keep a scalp clean and plan bloodstream increase, the supplementation of the root of hair part, hair follicle environment maintenance with a hair growth agent, a hair restorer.
[3] Operative treatment
A hair follicle from the back of the head isolates it and transplants it, and art of hair loss department reefing, the substitution art by the existence stem skin of dialect from the both sides of the head part are performed in plastic surgery mainly.

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